Good news! Fenglan Company has been successfully selected as "Specialized, special and new Small and medium-sized Enterprises in Zhuhai"



Recently, the Zhuhai Bureau of Industry and Information Technology released the Publicity on the List of Specialized, specialized and newly Cultivated small and medium-sized Enterprises in Zhuhai in 2022, and Zhuhai Fenglan Industrial Co., Ltd. was successfully selected as the "specialized, specialized and newly cultivated small and medium-sized enterprises in Zhuhai".

"Specialized, refined and innovative" small and medium-sized enterprises refer to the leading enterprises that have the characteristics of specialization, refinement, specialty and novelty, focus on market segments, strong innovation ability, high market share and excellent quality and benefit. Such enterprises are the important support of the future industrial chain and the main force to strengthen the chain.

In the future, Fenglan Industrial will persevere to forge the core competitiveness of enterprises, and play the role of the main force of "specialized, refined and innovative" enterprises; Leading the high quality development of the industry with technological innovation, and contributing to the industrial strategy development of Zhuhai.