Talent Team

Fenglan strives to create a cultural atmosphere for the simultaneous development of people and enterprises. With the tenet of "leading science and technology, people-oriented", and the goal of cultivating a talent team with a strong sense of responsibility, professionalism, teamwork, academic innovation, and pioneering spirit, Fenglan establishes an intellectual capital management system that fully adapts to the market mechanism and gives play to talent creativity.

Fenglan Company attaches great importance to the important position of talents in enterprise development. The superior enterprise environment, excellent enterprise culture, fair, just and open working atmosphere and perfect incentive system have attracted a group of talents with professional technology, ability and passion.

Among the management personnel of the company, more than 80% have bachelor's degree or above, and have many years of technical management experience. The cultural level of the production workers is above the technical secondary school level, and more than 73% of them have more than 5 years of rich work. It is such an enterprise team with a solid foundation of professional technology, creativity, pioneering spirit, and conscientiousness that the company can always adhere to the quality policy of "creating high-quality products and pursuing excellence" to create a batch of efficient and high-quality low-voltage power distribution complete products for customers.