Good news! Fenglan FPM6000 won the "2020 Zhuhai Innovative Product List"



According to the Notice on Implementation Measures for the Government's First Purchase and Order of Innovative Products in Zhuhai City, innovative products that conform to relevant national laws and regulations and industrial technology policies, represent the development direction of advanced technology and have great market potential can be purchased by the purchasers first through government procurement. After strict examination and expert review by Zhuhai Science and Technology Innovation Bureau, Fenglan FPM6000 power and energy efficiency monitoring management platform products have been successfully included in the "2020 Zhuhai Innovative Products List".





Fenglan has been focusing on the innovation and exploration of products in the field of power distribution. In practice, we constantly exercise high-quality and perfect product solutions, pursue technological breakthroughs, break through various technical difficulties, and independently develop innovative products that meet the market demand. Receive this honor. Fenglan will continue to uphold the spirit of innovation, enhance product competitiveness, establish a boutique brand.