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PM precision switchboards PM precision switchgear

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Leadership in Safety and Reliability Technology

》 French Schneider Prisma advanced technology, through TTA full-scale test;

》 Bus system adopts Schneider high strength bus clamp and copper bar, which conforms to IEC695-2.1 and NFC20-435 standards.

》 New modular functional units, switch room, bus room, transformer room, cable feeder room and other functional areas are separated independently, which is safe and reliable, and may limit the electrical fault to a minimum range.

》 Through the national 3C compulsory certification, CE certification, EMC electromagnetic compatibility test, safety test (25KA withstand current).

Prospect and Effective Risk Avoidance

》 Local and remote alarm functions: overvoltage and undervoltage, three-phase unbalance, phase sequence error, phase absence, frequency anomaly, current two-stage threshold exceeding limit, zero-ground voltage exceeding limit, neutral line current excessive, surge protection failure, standby switch closing, operation switch abnormal interruption and other all-round early warning.

》 Two-stage threshold alarm of branch load and transformer temperature rise can be set to detect potential safety hazards in time and effectively avoid the risk of overload.

Friendly interface and easy operation

The large screen touch screen (HMI) is used as the man-machine interface, which has the function of automatically switching the screen and quickly indicating the location of the alarm. It also shows the system's single-line graph intuitively. The single interface displays a large amount of information, and the operation is fast and simple, and the interface is clear at a glance.

》 Main circuit electrical parameters: three-phase voltage, current, neutral line current, frequency, power factor, apparent, active and reactive power, electric energy, harmonics (up to 31 times) and their maximum and minimum values;

》 Electrical parameters of branch circuit: current, power, power, load percentage, harmonic components of all output circuits (loads);

》 The main switch, the breaking and closing state of the separate switch and the failure state;

》 Fault record, main circuit and branch circuit electrical parameters historical data storage;

》 Provide RS232/RS485 or SNMP, Ethernet communication network ports.

High Precision and High Stability

High precision and stability monitoring and acquisition module and high-end Schneider software are used to provide accurate, rich and reliable basic data for owners'energy efficiency management system and optimize energy efficiency and energy efficiency management.

Simple Maintenance and Easy Expansion

Schneider hot-swap current distribution technology is used to achieve the following:

》 It can adjust the phase to make the load three-phase balanced distribution.

》 Fast hot swap, the system can be replaced online without power off.

》 Expansion is fast and convenient.

Beautiful and generous. Flexible and changeable

Style optional (toughened safety glass door or cabinet type mesh door), noble and elegant temperament.

The color is optional (black or Prisma classic yellow), flexible to meet various environmental needs.

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