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Blokset-M LV Switchboards P6000 Fixed-Type Cubicles


Many ways (e.g. withdrawable , plug-in, and fixed) that can be applied to the installation of electric components may be used at will in the switchboard .
■  With RS232/485 standard communication interface, the switchboard can realize the functions of remote supervision and control, including remote signaling, remote regulating, remote control, and telemetry.
■  Long service life. The switchboard housing is made of phosphated rot-proof galvanized steel sheets, and erosion resistant epoxy polyester powder coating is on the surface of it. The housing has a service life up to 30 years.
■  High reliability. All plastic parts inside the switchboard are made of flame retardant materials and conform to the standards of IEC695-2.1 and NFC20-435; those parts that have direct contact with the electric conductors reach the level of 960℃ 30S/30S.
■  High safety. The structure of the switchboard is a completely closed one. Outlets and inlets for wires are premade on the soleplate of the switchboard, and special cable O-ring seals are used to prevent small animals entering into the switchboard ; all for the purpose of avoiding accidents. The inside switchboard is divided into horizontal busbar zone, vertical busbar zone and function unit zone. Devices are installed behind the small door with only the operating handle sticking out and addition protection barriers inside the switchboard separate devices of different function from each other. The switchboard has three layers of protection: terminal cover/partition insulator, metal front panel and the small door, and the glass door, to prevent to the greatest extent operating personnel from contacting the busbars, as well as foreign bodies from the electrical devices.
■  Standard and 100% compatible parts. All installation parts of the switchboard body are of standard, modular parts, and prefabricated standard parts are provided to fully guarantee the quality and the compatibility of the products.
■  Compact structure, easy and fast maintenance. The advanced concept of function unit is incorporated in the switchboard. Every component has a whole set of standard mounting plate, partition, metal small door, and premade wire inlets and outlets to go with it. The installation of component is like playing building blocks. The installation approach optimizes the installation of electric components inside the switchboard, simplifies the design and installation, and makes it easy to modify and add loop circuits. The switchboard is compatible to most of the mainstream electric components of the world and makes them work together perfectly, so as to minimize the space the switchboard must occupy to the greatest extent.
■  High flexibility. Parts of the highly flexible framework can be combined and extended conveniently according to different situations to meet customers’ needs.
■  Flexible line ways. The wires can go in on the top and go out on the top, or top-in and bottom-out, bottom-in and top-out, bottom-in and bottom-out.
■  Flexible ways of installation: The switchboard can be installed against or off a wall, or back to back with another switchboard
■  Unique front maintenance function. The switchboard  not only can be maintained from the rear side, the left or right side, but can also from the front side. Thorough inspection and maintenance can be carried out from the front side, which makes maintenance easy and fast.
■  Various IP classes. From IP30 to IP55
■  The switchboard’s silk-screen-printed tempered glass door (with exterior lock) can keep a person other than operating personnel from handling the switches, therefore to prevent human error accidents. Through the glass door, status of the switches can be clearly viewed. It is really a work of art with elegant shape.

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