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Blokset-M LV Switchboards D6000 Fixed-Type Cubicles


1.Each function unit is installed in an independent cell zone. The doors of such cell zones can be opened when the circuit breaker is off.

2. Fixed type circuit breaker is used, yet plug-in circuit breaker is optional.

3. Front handle operated type, labour saving and convenient. Padlock can be use.

4. Indicator light and ampere-voltage meter can be installed to every loop circuit.

5. The function units are independent from each other; therefore new unit can be added to the switchboard  without cutting off other circuits.

6. Various forms of compartmentation (up to 4b) can be chosen from to prevent accident human touch on the conductive parts.

7. Module concept incorporated. 40 modules (50mm each in height) are installed in a switchboard.

8. For easy installation and removal, the switchboard door is connected with the framework with rotary type live hinges.

9. A range of paints are available for the switchboard surface. The instrument panel is connected to the framework with multi-strand annealed copper wire. Knurled washers are used to connect the to-be-installed parts to the switchboard brackets. The whole switchboard forms a complete and sound ground protection system.

10. The top cover of the switchboard can be removed when necessary to facilitate the assembly and checkout of the main busbars. Lifting rings are equipped on the four corners of the switchboard  top for lifting, handling and loading.

11. Generally, the IP class of the switchboard is IP40; but customers can choose from IP40~IP54 according to the working environment in which they intent to use the switchboard .


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