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Blokset-M LV Switchboards M3000 Withrawable Type Cubicles


■Spare parts and compadment zones ofthe switchboard are of moduIar size(module unit M=50mm). There are five standards sizes for the withdrawable type function units,that is,4M,8M, 12M,1/and 1/2. The total height of the function units’ compartment zones is 40M。

■ There is mechanical interlock between the withdrawablc type function and the swithboard body。When the drawer is on operation position,it is locked and the circuit can be safely placed on or off. Thc drawer has 4 positions:Operating position,test position,withdraw,position,separation position.


◆The vertical busbar is installed in the insulation function plate,which can effectively improve protection and the phase insulation.
◆The parts of the framework are made of C_shape profiles which have modular holes on them atintervals of 25mm. Tapping screws are used forthe connection of such parts;therefore,various kinds of switchboard body can be formed without any special tools.
◆The switchboard has such characters as firm structure,flexible and modularized installation,and maxinnized number of function units that Can be installed Taking 50mm as One modue(M)and 25mm as the hole distance,two 25mm will make one M;therefore the installation inside the switchboard is very convenient The Valid module can reach 4OM in the 2OOOmm range thatis occupied by the function unit.


◆Drawers of the same specifications are 1OO% compatible In case of any mafunction,damaged switch can be replaced swiftly to minimize the down time while maintaining the power supply.
◆Reliable mechanical interlock is equipped to a function unit The compartment door can not be open when the switch is on;only when the switch is Off the door can be opened. The on and off positions of the switch are easy to tell apart,and such positions are indicated by indicator light accordingly.
◆Advanced fieldbus conmmunication system is applied to provide a fast and convenient data exchange platform for the communication almong the LV switchboard,control device and controller.Rs485 is a free communication protocol that is complete open-ended.


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