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Blokset-M LV Switchboards GE630 Wall Mounted Enclousures


GE630 power switchboard is a front operated, front maintenance type of product of completely enclosed structure for indoor use. It has the following features in structure:
A. The switchboard cabinet is an assembly of cover panel, front panel and cabinet frame that consists of special shaped profiles and 3-way corner connectors. When it is necessary, the cover panel and front panel can be disassembled to facilitate cable connection.
B. The application of multiclip type of busbar clamps and other accessories for busbar installation and special current distributor for the installation of circuit breaker and other components of Merlin Gerin make the resulting assemblies whole on their own. It is a unique and novel installation way that integrates mechanical fixing and electrical connection to achieve easy, fast installation and compact layout, and to make one-side maintenance easy.
C. All outer terminals for branches and loops are placed on the upper (or lower) part inside the switchboard to facilitate the connection of outgoing lines.

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