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Prisma Series GX Cabinet

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Structural characteristics:

Prisma GX series cabinets adopt standard parts. All structural parts can be disassembled. Each functional module can be assembled and adjusted according to your needs to meet the installation requirements of different equipment.

Cable chamber 300 mm wide makes it very convenient for cables to enter and exit.

Distribution cabinet can go up and down to meet the overall design requirements of its workplace.

When the switch is installed on the front panel, only the operating handle can be seen. The operator is very safe.

It is especially suitable for low-voltage distribution systems with branch circuits below 630 A and above 70 channels.

Installation and disassembly of shunt switch:

The unique Multiclip current distribution device or comb busbar makes the installation and disassembly of the switch very simple, fast and safe.

Multiclip Current Distribution Device

Comb busbar

It can install plastic case circuit breakers under NS series 630 A and M9 Series modular circuit breakers under Meilan Rilan brand.


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