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The First Group of Staff Travel in 2019 - Thailand Travel

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   Arriving in Thailand, I am ready to experience the idyllic scenery by ox cart, rafting in bamboo raft valley, elephant performance, elephant training camp riding elephants.


    Visit the scenic spots of Chiang Mai in Thailand: Shuanglong Temple, Blue Temple, Grand Tower Temple and Bupalan Temple. Standing on the landscape platform of Shuanglong Temple, you can have a panoramic view of the small town of Chiang Mai. Bupalan Temple is one of the scenic spots of the film Tai Pong. Go to the Venomous Snake Research Center, watch the show, dare to go on stage to experience a bit.


    Free activities: Thailand on the tip of the tongue, tasting authentic Golden Pillow durian, strolling around the night market and tasting delicious food. Shopping time and experience Thai massage, travel to the ancient city of Chiang Mai by Doodle Car, of course, the most anticipated is to watch the demon show.


    In order to reward excellent and dedicated employees in 2018, Fenglan Company organized the first group of employees to travel abroad: a five-day tour of Chiang Mai in northern Taipei.


    At 15:30 on June 18, the company departed by special bus from Macau Airport and arrived in Chiang Mai in about 3 hours. The opening of a happy time is always exciting, looking forward to a romantic, beautiful encounter trip in a foreign country.