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The world's first 1000 KV power plant connected to the grid project officially put into operation

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China Electric Power News April 4, China Energy Construction Group Anhui Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd. undertook the survey and design of the world's first power plant directly connected to the grid with 1000 kilovolt voltage level project - Huainan Pingwei Power Plant Phase III 1000 kilovolt delivery project has passed 72 hours of start-up trial operation, and officially put into operation.

The project is built to meet the needs of Pingwei Power Plant access system, promote the coordinated development of power grid and power supply, ensure the safe and stable operation of power grid and reliable delivery of power plants. The position and role of the project in the system is very important after its completion. It will be an important power supply line of UHV Huainan Substation, and can provide power supply and voltage support for 1000 KV Huainan UHV project .

This project is the first power plant in the world to connect directly to the power grid at 1000 KV level, and the first "three hundred projects" in the world, that is, "millions of units are delivered to millions of UHV power grid through millions of transformers". For the first time, it merged large-capacity generators directly into UHV AC network through UHV lines, and sent Huainan thermal power directly to Shanghai through over 600 km UHV AC lines. It successfully realized the "direct transmission" of ultra-large-capacity and ultra-high-voltage power supply, which accumulated valuable technology for the smooth implementation of similar projects in the follow-up. Skills and operational experience have a good demonstration and leading role in the country.