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"Energy Internet" Reshaping the New Era of Energy Industry

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The superposition of Internet and energy creates a new energy system. The development mode of "Internet + traditional industries" has been continuously fermented in various fields. We believe that the combination of energy and the Internet is far from just the introduction of technology. The driving force for the development of the energy industry in the future is more from the superposition of Internet thinking and mode in the energy industry. The introduction of mature Internet experience and technology is only an effective but insignificant part of the introduction of thinking and mode.

The traditional energy system will gradually transition to the intelligent and flat "energy internet", which is a head-to-toe "add and subtract" remodeling of the global energy network. German "E-Energy" energy Internet six pilot projects involving thousands of households, the total investment has reached about 1.24 billion yuan, for the construction and transformation of the entire energy network investment may reach trillions.

Power supply, power grid and energy storage are the first visible and tangible construction focus. To achieve the "energy internet" infrastructure, sustained construction investment in these three areas is indispensable. Firstly, the substitution of renewable distributed energy for traditional fossil energy is the foundation of "energy internet". To solve the problem of more distributed energy access, it is necessary to upgrade and transform the power grid in an all-round way to meet the acceptance and digestion of distributed energy. Secondly, the power grid needs to achieve the capacity of two-way transmission before it can meet the requirements. Finally, the energy storage device will stabilize the instability of renewable energy generation, alleviate the impact on the power grid, and make the whole power system more stable, safe and efficient, which is one of the necessary conditions for the realization of energy internet.

Both hands must be hard: both the hardware and the form of the power grid will evolve. On the one hand, only when the open and shared state is satisfied, the power grid system can treat all generators indiscriminately and realize the free transmission and trading of electricity. With the advancement of China's new electricity reform, the domestic power grid is changing to a new form and will be more suitable for the demand of "energy internet". On the other hand, the construction of UHV, grid automation and micro-grid is an indispensable hardware condition for realizing "energy internet", and its investment opportunities are clear and visible.

"Electricity + Energy Storage" or "Energy Internet" widely used system in the future. The stability of new energy sources can be suppressed, and the energy storage of lithium batteries has good prospects for development. According to the current installed proportion of photovoltaic and wind power generation in China, energy storage equipment is allocated. Without considering the cost factor, it is expected that the market demand space of energy storage in China will reach 100 billion by 2020.

"Internet + energy". With the penetration of Internet technology in the field of energy, new formats such as intelligent wind power and photovoltaic integrated service providers based on big data and cloud computing have emerged; renewable energy B2C business platform has also emerged.

With the gradual improvement of the new format and the further clarification of the profit model, more enterprises will be attracted to introduce Internet technology and mode in all aspects of the power system in the future, which will provide a prerequisite for the comprehensive integration of the Internet and energy in all aspects.