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9.1 Fenglan employees joined the volunteer team and actively participated in the post-typhoon reconstruction work.

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Typhoons "Tianpigeon" and "Paka" raged one after another, paralyzing roads, flooding large areas of sea water and breaking trees in Zhuhai. The beautiful and romantic seaside city of the past was devastated and desolate.

Natural calamities are merciless and love exists on earth. Municipal departments at all levels, armed police officers and soldiers, sanitation workers, medical personnel, emergency repairmen, volunteers and so on have participated in the work of rehabilitation after the disaster.

On September 1, our compatriots in Fenglan also responded positively to the call of Zhuhai Electric Power Industry Association, organizing staff to participate in the cleaning volunteer activities of nearly one kilometre from Qinghua Hotel on Lovers South Road to GlobalTong Building. At noon, despite the scorching sun and sweat watering our faces, we still carry forward the spirit of being especially hard-working and fighting, clearing obstacles, dredging roads, cleaning up sanitation, handling garbage, working hard and complaining, and completing the cleaning work of this section with high quality and restoring the most beautiful coast of Zhuhai.

Although we are small in the face of disaster, we are still hand in hand to help rebuild Zhuhai! Because at this moment, we are all Zhuhai people! We love Zhuhai in the simplest way!

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